Engine rooms

For a functional and cost-effective insulation solution for engine rooms, use PAROC Marine slabs and preformed blocks with facing. The products with facing are easy and quick to install and make the overall solution more lightweight than using uncoated products with sheet metal cladding.

Use PAROC Marine Wired Mats as thermal and fire insulation for smoke ducts and chimneys on ships. If required, the wire net can also be made of stainless steel to provide a higher temperature resistance than that of galvanized wire net.

For a functional insulation solution for car decks and engine rooms, we recommend PAROC Marine slabs and preformed blocks with facing. Our range of facings includes glass fibre cloth as well as aluminium foil. Products with facings ensure a clean and easily maintained final surface.

Marine Engine Room Example of solutions for pipes:

Example of a solution for exhaust pipe:

Example of a solution for exhaust pipe dampers:

Example of solution for pillows/irregular shapes: