Marine and Offshore

PAROC Marine and Offshore insulation is made of stone wool and developed for the needs of the modern shipbuilding and offshore industry. Our products have been tested in various A-class and H-class deck and bulkhead constructions and in numerous fire door and panel constructions.

PAROC Marine Insulations meet the requirements of their users in the following areas:

All solutions meet the requirements of Classification Institutes and National Marine Authorities in accordance with the rules and regulations of IMO and the Marine Equipment Directive (modules B and D).

The following are advantages of A-class steel solutions:

  • The density and thickness of the products PAROC Marine Navis Slab 60PAROC Marine Navis Mat 60 and PAROC Marine Navis Wired Mat 60 is always the same no matter which product is used in the construction. 

  • Products can be used in different combinations, also combining slabs and mats in same application.

  • There is a wide variety of different installation possibilities, which simplifies the installation on-site.

  • The installation work is easier with a lighter product and only one insulation layer is needed for all constructions.