The fire performance of a hollow core slab without additional fire protection is REI 30 – REI 120 depending on the slab type. The additional fire protection of the hollow core or massive concrete slab slows down the temperature rise of reinforcing steels. The goal is to maintain the bearing capability in the side on tension.

Fire, concrete deckFor massive concrete slabs no test results are available.
PAROC FPS 17 (20mm thickness) provides a fire resistance of 120 minutes for the structure. Install fire protection slabs with mechanical fasteners, 15 per slab. Slabs can also be fixed with adhesive if the surface of the protected material is smooth and the thickness of the fire protecting product is, at the most, 50 mm.

Fire protection with PAROC CGL products

For reinforced concrete slabs with a thickness of 120 mm, PAROC CGL 20cy (60 mm) provides fire resistance of 240 minutes.