Thick rendered facade with slab insulation

An external wall structure with a thick rendered application is an excellent solution for both new building and renovation work. The thickness of the rendering layers is about 25 mm, which creates an extremely strong and shock resistant facade.

In thick rendering applications, insulation is fastened mechanically. The weight of the rendering layers is borne by the supporting wall structure via the steel net and mechanical fasteners. Mechanical fasteners adapt to any potential movements in the rendering.

This method enables partial winter construction. Insulation work can be carried out during the winter and the rendering work, including installation of the steel net, can be carried out in spring.
Rendered facade, thick 4
  • Supporting structure: concrete 
  • Thermal insulation: one or two layers of PAROC Fatio or PAROC Fatio Plus
  • Mechanical fasteners
  • Three separate lime cement based rendering layers + net attached through the thermal insulation layer to the supporting structure
Insulation solution with U value 
 PAROC Fatio Plus 150 mm   200 mm 240 mm 
 U value, W/m2K 0.21 0.16 0.13