A) Masonry block walls with timber frame

Masonry walls can be insulated with timber frame structures when the external facade is wooden boards or steel sheets. You can choose two layer systems with PAROC eXtra and PAROC WAS 25t / PAROC Cortex or one layer system with PAROC WAS 35 or PAROC Cortex One. Two-layer systems minimise cold bridges in the structure.

Stone wall renovation with timber frame
Old structure:
  • Lightweight aggregate concrete 
New structure:
  • Timber frame / PAROC eXtra 
  • PAROC WAS 25t
  • Ventilation gap
  • Cladding 

B) Masonry block walls with metal frame

Use this solution in new buildings and renovations.

Determine the fixing methods for supporting substructures case by case. Product manufacturers will provide instructions on selecting the right fixings and methods. Design the supporting substructures according to the selected cladding material and the instructions given by the system supplier.

Ventilated facade, massive, frame
Old structure:
  • Supporting structure: lightweight aggregate concrete 
New structure:
  • Metal frame/ PAROC eXtra + PAROC Cortex (or Metal frame/ PAROC WAS 35t or PAROC Cortex One)
  • Ventilation gap 
  • Cladding material