Glass curtain facades are common in office buildings all over Europe. There are many kinds of glass facade systems available and all of them have specific requirements for insulation. Here we present one principal solution.

In industrial walls, the metal frame sets specific thermal insulation requirements. The thermal conductivity of stainless steel is about 400 times higher than that of timber and over 1000 times higher than that of stone wool. A continuous wall insulation layer on top of the studs significantly improves the thermal resistance of the structure. Continuing insulation layer breaks down cold bridges effectively.

Good structural design is especially important in glass facades, because mistakes are easy to detect through the glass. Cold bridges cause moisture condensation, which result in colour changes on the surface. For physical as well as visual reasons. install a tight vapour barrier layer to prevent moist internal air from leaking through the wall structure and condensing on the glass. Effective ventilation of the facade also prevents possible condensation.

A wall insulation slab with black tissue forms an elegant background to the glass facade. The fire properties of the insulation strongly affect the fire performance of the final wall structure. All PAROC stone wool products presented here belong to Euro class A1.

Ventilated facade, light, frame
  • Internal surface
  • Supporting structure: steel frame system / PAROC eXtra
  • Air /vapour barrier
  • Steel frame system / PAROC eXtra
  • PAROC WAS 25tb or PAROC WAS 35tb
  • Ventilation gap
  • Glass facade