Paroc ground solutions
The foundation is the lowest and most crucial supporting layer of the whole building structure. It is also the part of the building part that is the most difficult to change after the building has been erected, so it is essential to design and insulate it well from the beginning.

A major issue when designing foundations is frost heave. Frost heave cracks foundations and damages the whole building structure. The right insulation, however, can prevent frost heave and other problems. Stone wool not only stops frost heave and moisture problems, but results in lower heating costs and more comfortable below-grade rooms.

We have ideal insulation solutions for cellar walls and foundations. The below section of this site contains the most common cellar wall and foundation insulation solution for buildings. Choose the new or renovation button to find the PAROC product you need.

The amount of heating energy that is lost from a foundation wall depends on the difference between the inside temperature and the outside temperature. The deeper the foundation goes into the ground, the warmer the ground will be in the winter. This means that the most heat is lost from the highest parts of the foundation wall. So when installing additional insulation to the external walls, insulate the foundation as well. Additional foundation insulation clearly reduces draught and increases the temperature in the floor edge areas. When you add insulation to both walls and the foundation, the thickness of each grows equally, providing better energy efficiency and a more pleasing look.