A suspended or ventilated timber floor is detached from the ground with a ventilated subfloor space below. Old insulation used in ventilated floors (e.g., sawdust, moss, straw) usually settles over time, creating to a gap between the floor surface and insulation layer.  Gaps between the floor joists and insulation allow cold air to easily spread under the floor surface, which cools down the whole floor surface.

Old floor structures often have poor air-tightness and draughts increase their coldness. Additional insulation brings clear energy savings and living comfort. To upgrade the floor’s energy efficiency, remove as much old sawdust insulation as possible and add a minimum of 200 mm of stone wool to the old floor structure. Use PAROC eXtra is to improves the energy efficiency of old floor structures.

Renovation, ventilated floor
  • New floor material 
  • New vapour/air barrier
  • New thermal insulation: PAROC eXtra
  • Old sawdust insulation
  • Lining paper
  • Wind protection board
  • Support for the wind protection insulation
Note! Ensure sufficient ventilation openings in the subfloor space.