Normal intermediate floor with weak sound insulation

The easiest way to improve the step sound insulation of old timber floors is to remove all old floor material from the top of the bearing joists. Depending on the condition of the old insulation, it can be left intact or removed and replaced with PAROC eXtra. To establish a solid structure for the new step sound insulation layer, install new floor chipboard or tongue-and-groove board on top of the old joists. Install the step sound insulation on top of this new supporting board. Design the top layers according to other building needs, such as floor heating.

If needed, increase the sound insulation further by fixing plasterboard to a flexible profile system on the downstairs ceiling surface.


Timber-framed intermediate floor, renovation

New construction:

  • Floor finish, hardwood parquet or similar
  • Chipboard or 2 layers of floor plasterboard
  • Step sound insulation: PAROC SSB 2t
  • Chipboard

Old construction:

  • Timber joists, with old insulation
  • Old ceiling construction