Paroc building insulation products now in BIM

17 May 2019

Together with Prodlib, Paroc can offer designers up-to-date product data adapted in new BIM modelling system. Paroc’s product information and structure types of the products available in Finland and Sweden can now be easily found in ProdLib’s new BuildUp material library.

The ProdLib BuildUp tool is compatible with both Revit and AutoCAD software. The tool enables designers to create structure types from different materials and products.

ProdLib BuildUp contains materials and tested structure types from several manufacturers. Designers can create their structure types layer by layer, select the right materials and determine the layer thickness. Products can be searched according to the qualities of the material.

After creating a structure type, it can be used in the AutoCAD program, viewed as a PDF file or used to create walls and floors in Revit. Thanks to ProdLib BuildUp, designers will not have to use sample structure types – instead they can create project-specific solutions from real materials and products.

The material library is always kept up-to-date. Typically, information about materials and structure types has been shared in the form of sample models, which designers have been able to download from the manufacturers’ websites. However, keeping the materials and products up-to-date has been difficult and usually left as the designer’s responsibility. ProdLib BuildUp checks automatically that the contents are up-to-date.

ProdLib BuildUp is well-suited to the use of design companies. The tool makes creating one’s own structure type library and sharing it to the company’s other designers extremely easy. ProdLib BuildUp will be installed automatically with ProdLib software.

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