Paroc launches new 40% lighter Marine solutions

10 Oct 2017

Paroc provides new lightweight solutions for fire insulated decks and bulkheads, suited for weight critical projects.

Significant development in production technology allows Paroc to bring lighter weight to the existing, internationally recognized marine offering. Among the first solutions to receive Light Marine treatment are PAROC slabs for A-class steel decks and bulkheads.

Easy design

The new solutions are based on only one product PAROC Marine Navis Slab 60 in four thicknesses, which makes the design easy and less complex. The 40% weight reduction allows shipbuilders and ship-owners to benefit substantially from lower fuel consumption; additionally, ships become more manoeuvrable. The new PAROC products are also good for our environment: CO2-emissions will be reduced starting with the transport of the products from the factory until being installed in the shipyard and sailing on the water.

Learn more about new Light Marine solutions

The determination of non-combustibility in accordance with IMO FTP Code Part 1 has been performed for all PAROC Marine insulations. The first PAROC Light Marine solutions are introduced in October 2017. These solutions are only the beginning of a new lightweight product range.