Paroc establishes ethical reporting channel

23 Mar 2016

To demonstrate its commitment to corporate responsibility and meet stakeholder’s expectations for leading business practices, Paroc has set up an ethical reporting channel on its web site. 

Fair Play channel

The channel, called Fair Play, allows anyone inside or outside the company to raise an ethical concern by simply filling out a short on-line form, anonymously if they choose. Fair Play is hosted by an independent expert third party, which ensures a professional process, complete confidentiality and respect for the rights of all parties. The channel can be accessed from Paroc’s code of conduct web page. This complements the access that already exists for employees on Paroc’s intranet site.




Says CEO, Kari Lehtinen: “Over the years, we have built a strong culture that supports a responsible way of working, with our code of conduct, values and corresponding policies and guidelines well integrated into our daily business processes and practices. Nevertheless, it’s important to show people that we are serious about ethical conduct and that we want to learn about and address possible risks to our business and reputation as quickly as possible. Our Fair Play channel is an important tool to help us achieve sustainable and profitable business, to safeguard our reputation and to live up to our market-leading role in society."

Accessible as of March 2016, Fair Play is designed solely for reporting ethical concerns. Any customer or general queries should be addressed to our sales or other relevant personnel. Find your relevant contact person Paroc’s contact us web page

Go to Paroc’s Code of Conduct page