PARACEM Hexagon wall absorbent – a play of colour and shape

13 Dec 2011
The family of rectangular Paracem and Paracem Fine sheets has a new member: the hexagonal Paracem Hexagon. Now it’s easier than ever to make exciting, colourful designs for durable acoustic solutions.

PARACEM Hexagon wall absorbent – exciting colourful designParacem Hexagon is a natural and individual acoustics solution for walls.

The eight colour options and the hexagonal shape provide a unique starting point for design work.
In addition to schools, day care centres and indoor swimming pool buildings, Paracem Hexagon is well suited for public and industrial facilities. It releases no dust or particles.

Paracem Hexagon is made from all-natural materials: spruce chips, cement, lime and water. These durable materials guarantee good shock resistance. You can easily paint the surface with no impact at all on the sound reduction qualities. Wall-mount the panels with screws, glue or magnets attached to the back of the sheets. The magnet mounting makes it easy to move the sheets when necessary.