PAROC Marine Navis

Set sail for lighter weight and fire safety
PAROC Marine Navis solutions are new lightweight solutions for A60 aluminium constructions and A-class steel decks and bulkheads. 

Requirement on the shipbuilding industry are becoming increasingly stringent worldwide, both from economic and ecological perspectives. Focus is on operational efficiency, in addition to environmental aspects and sustainability. The new Paroc lightweight products are good for our environment: CO2-emissions will be reduced starting with the transport of the products from the factory until being installed in the shipyard and sailing on the water. PAROC Light Marine solutions offer up to 40% weight reduction in A-class steel solutions and A60 aluminium constructions.

The products approved for A-class steel solutions are PAROC Marine Navis Slab 60, PAROC Marine Navis Mat 60 and PAROC Marine Navis Wired Mat 60The density and thickness of the products is always the same no matter which product is used in the construction. Products can be used in different combinations, also combining slabs and mats in same application. There is a wide variety of different installation possibilities, which simplifies the installation on-site.

A60 aluminium solutions for 6 mm thick constructions are based on one product PAROC Marine Navis Mat 60. Insulating thickness on both decks and stiffeners is 60 mm which makes the design less complex. The installation work is easier with a lighter product and only one insulation layer is needed for all constructions. This solution is available also for restricted bulkheads.

Paroc lightweight solutions for 4 mm thick A60 aluminium constructions are based on only one product PAROC Marine Navis Mat 90 in two thicknesses; 60 mm on decks and 70 mm on bulkheads.