General Insulation slab.

General insulation slab PAROC eXtra is made of non-combustible stone wool and used for thermal, sound and fire insulation applications, such as walls, attics and floors, in all kinds of buildings. The highly insulating general insulation slab is soft and rigid. The slab is easy to handle, cut and install for different kinds of applications. The insulation doesn't settle, shrink or loose its insulation properties during its lifetime. The greater density of the slab is not prone to convection so the thermal resistance of the product is maintained even during extremely cold winters.


Updated 1 Mar 2015

Certification Number
0809-CPR-1015 / VTT Expert Services Ltd, P.O. Box 1001, FI-02044 VTT, Finland, 18.12.2013
Designation Code

.PAROC stone wool products are capable of withstanding high temperatures. The binder starts to evaporate when its temperature exceeds approximately 200°C. The insulating properties remain unchanged, but the compressive stress weakens. The softening temperature of stone wool products is over 1000°C.


Width x LengthThickness
565 x 1220 mm50 - 150 mm
610 x 1220 mm42 - 150 mm
870 x 920 mm100 – 150 mm
In accordance with EN 822In accordance with EN 823
Dimensional Stability
PropertyValueAccording to
Dimensional Stability at Specified Temperature (Declared), DS(70,-)≤ 1 % EN 13162:2012 (EN 1604)

Other Dimensions
Other sizes available on request.


Package Type
Plastic Package or Big Pack

Fire Properties

Reaction to Fire Declared
PropertyValueAccording to
Reaction to Fire, EuroclassA1 EN 13162:2012 (EN 13501-1)
Continuous Glowing Combustion
PropertyValueAccording to
Continuous Glowing CombustionNPD EN 13162:2012
Other Fire Properties
PropertyValueAccording to
CombustibilityNon-combustible EN ISO 1182.

Thermal Properties

Thermal Resistance
PropertyValueAccording to
Thermal Resistance See attachmentEN 13162:2012
Thermal Conductivity λD0.036 W/mK EN 13162:2012
Thickness Tolerance, TT2 EN 13162:2012 (EN 823)
Air Permeability
PropertyValueAccording to
Air Permeability Coefficient, ℓ120 x 10-6 m3/mPas EN 29053
Direct Airborne Sound Insulation Index
PropertyValueAccording to
Air Flow Resistivity AFRNPD EN 13162:2012 (EN 29053)

Moisture Properties

Water Permeability
PropertyValueAccording to
Water Absorption, Short Term WS, Wp≤ 1 kg/m² EN 13162:2012 (EN 1609)
Water Absorption, Long Term WL(P), Wlp≤ 3 kg/m² EN 13162:2012 (EN 12087)
Water Vapour Permeability
PropertyValueAccording to
Water Vapour Transmission MU, µ1 EN 13162:2012 (EN 12086)

Sound Properties

Acoustic Absorption Index
PropertyValueAccording to
Sound AbsorptionNPD EN 13162:2012 (EN ISO 354)


Release of Dangerous Substances to the Indoor Environment
PropertyValueAccording to
Release of Dangerous SubstancesNPD EN 13162:2012


Durability of Reaction to Fire Against Heat, Weathering, Ageing/Degradation
The fire performance of mineral wool does not deteriorate with time. The Euroclass classification of product is related to the organic content, which cannot increase with time.
Durability of Thermal Resistance Against Heat, Weathering, Ageing/Degradation
Thermal conductivity of mineral wool products does not change with time, experience has shown the fibre structure to be stable and the porosity contains no other gases than atmospheric air.