PAROC Sandwich Panels

PAROC sandwich panelPAROC panels are high-class sandwich panels with a core of PAROC structural stone wool. The steel sheet facings act compositely with the wool core to form a high performance structure with all the properties needed for external walls, partitions and ceilings.

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Endless architectural possibilities

PAROC panel models and shaped modules, available in a wide range of colours, provide unlimited possibilities for the architectural design of facades. The high strength of the PAROC panels makes it possible to fasten additional cladding materials on panel facings. For ideas and inspiration from around the world on how to use PAROC panels in creative architectural detailing, see our many reference projects.


Outstanding technical performance

PAROC panel structures meet all the demands of today’s demanding building standards. Non-combustibility and a fire resistance rating up to four hours guarantee a high level of fire safety in buildings. High panel strength and stiffness mean long spans and minimal deflection in construction. Finally, good thermal insulation without thermal bridges and reliable tightness ensure high energy efficiency.

Use PAROC sandwich panels for external walls, partitions and ceilings. All our panels are based on Advanced Structural Technology AST and high-quality PAROC structural stone wool. PAROC panels come in four panel types (AST® T, AST® S, AST® F and AST® E), each with different technical properties. This means that panel properties depend on the panel type you choose and not on the panel model.


Panel dimensions

PAROC panels are available in a range of thicknesses: 50, 80, 100, 120, 150, 175, 200, 240 and 300 mm. The modular width is 1200 mm (cover width 1196 mm) and the maximum length is 12 m. In some cases it can be more practical to use PAROC® flex panels with a non-standard panel width of 300–1100 mm. PAROC flex panels can be made from all panel models, ranging in thickness from 80 to 240 mm, excluding PAROC® shadow panels.