Architecture equals image. To make your image a reality, Paroc offers numerous panel models and a wide range of colours that are more than just components. They are elements of a vision, tools for architects to express their imagination.



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The architecture of a building reflects the image of the occupier. That image can be classic or modern, impressive or modest, or something else altogether. In practice, image is composed of a combination of various surfaces, lines, shapes and colours.

PAROC panel models are developed by listening to what architects and designers have to say. Whatever your image, we utilise the skills of top industrial designers to create new, innovative panel models. We continually offer better methods for combining our panels and creating more and more individual surfaces where beauty and functionality are essential.

Panel model has no impact on the technical properties of PAROC® panels with following exceptions:

  • PAROC® acoustic panels have no fire-resistance classification.

  • PAROC® print and PAROC® art panels are classified in Euroclass C-s1,d0, not in A2-s1,d0 like other panel models.