Hygienic solutions with PAROC sandwich panelsWith tight structure, PAROC panels with smooth surfaces are perfect for use in industries where hygienic conditions are exceptionally high including the food, electrical and medical industries. Typical applications for PAROC panels are in food processing areas, distribution depots, chilled stores, chilled rooms and shops.

PAROC® panels

PAROC smooth panels are manufactured with entirely smooth surfaces. The panels are supplied with easily cleanable and strong, finished surfaces for walls and ceilings. The coating used for internal surfaces is polyester. For interiors with high hygienic requirements choose PVDF coating with a light colour. Stainless steel is available upon request.

FoodSafe surfaces

Food has to be handled, processed, packed and stored hygienically. Smooth surfaces and tight joints without dirt traps make the cleaning of the panels very quick and easy. Due to the robust sandwich structure of the panels, long spans are possible both in vertical and horizontal structures. In hygiene facilities, an external frame outside the building provides a hygienic and free interior design.

Clean and hygienic detail design

Clean rooms demand specific detail solutions. For the food industry, Paroc Panel System offers not only a set of standard details and but a set of special design details to help with finding the right technical solutions for more demanding uses. In hygienic interiors all surfaces, fixing systems and flashings must be completely tight and smooth to avoid dust and dirt collecting on the walls and surfaces.   

 PAROC panel fixing to floor with kerb for food industry  Corner, PAROC panel fixing, vertical installation

PAROC panel fixing to floor
with kerb for food industry

Corner, PAROC panel fixing
in vertical installation

Easy maintenance

Good economy is a combination of building and maintenance costs. Maintenance, particularly cleaning in the food processing industry, is important. PAROC panels have smooth surfaces as well as water- and air-tight hygienic joints without dirt traps which all together make wall and ceiling structures easy to keep clean.