FM 4881 approval for PAROC panels exterior wall panels

Paroc panels are the first light-weight sandwich panels in the world meeting the FM 4881 standard requirements for use externally in single span structures with the span up to 6.1 metres without any secondary steel supports. 


FM Global Research Approval Standard 4881 was developed as a consequence of losses suffered post hurricane Andrew 1992 and it can be applied to all areas of the world, whether a hurricane zone or not. 

The actual test consists of two separate test phases simulating natural hazards for external walls: 
- Static and cyclic pressure tests
- Simulated hail resistance test

The approval is valid only up to the used span lengths which are selected by the test order. Paroc panels were tested in Factory Mutual's new extended rig which enabled us to select a span of 6.1 metres for single span structures. Paroc panels are also FM 4880 approved for use internally which is the base requirement for FM 4881 approval. 

We have got the FM 4881 approval for external walls as follows:
- thickness 175-240 mm, panel type AST E: for a single span of max 6,1 m or multi-span 3,05 m
- thickness 120-150 mm, panel type AST E: for a single span of max 3,05 m or multi-span 3,05 m. 
- "severe hail" (FH) rating

"High quality, strength and fire safety of PAROC panels are the well-known benefits on the market already", Export Manager Tom Österlund states. "By optimizing the need of support structures for the panels, the total construction costs will decrease. For instance, according to calculations total savings can be more than 30 €/m2 with span of 6 metres compared to panel solutions needing supports at 2 metres. Naturally this is of interest to building owners and contractors."