Acoustic solutions with PAROC sandwich panelsNoise generated by machinery and equipment in industrial plants often makes the work environment unpleasant and even harmful to hearing. To solve the problem, separate people from the machinery by building sound-insulated machine rooms and control rooms or acoustic screens.
With perforated PAROC® acoustic panels, you ensure sufficient sound attenuation and insulation. Along with the sound control you get stylish finished surfaces for interior purposes.

PAROC® panels

In acoustic applications, use both ordinary PAROC panels and perforated PAROC® acoustic panels. PAROC acoustic panels have a perforated facing on one side to provide better sound absorption. It can be used for partition walls and ceilings in normal dry internal climatic conditions. Note that when PAROC® acoustic panels are employed as ceilings, the perforated surface is always on the lower side.

Sound insulation

When sound insulation demands are high, pay special attention to the tightness of joints with adjacent structures. The diagram below shows the sound reduction index for 50 mm, 150 mm and 240 mm thick PAROC panels as well as a 100 mm thick PAROC® acoustic panel, panel type AST® S.

Sound reduction index for PAROC panels

If you know the noise level and noise spectra, you can calculate the sound insulation for the specific object. Or use the values given in the table below to obtain the sound reduction in dBA for various noise spectra.

Weighted sound reduction of PAROC panels at various noise spectra, panel type AST® S.

Panel thickness,
Sound reduction, dB
 Rw R'w + C   R'w + Ctr
50 29 27 26
80 30 27 25
100 30 27 25
120 30 27 25
150 30 27 25
200 29 28 26
240 29 28 26


Use R’w+ C for

  • Train noise at high and medium speeds
  • Road traffic over 80 km/h
  • Jet noise at short distances
  • Industrial noise (medium and high frequency)

Use R’w+ Ctr for

  • Street traffic noise
  • Train noise at low speeds
  • Jet noise at long distances
  • Industrial noise (low and medium frequency)

However, if higher values are required, build double structures with PAROC panels or design additional structures.

Weighted sound reduction of PAROC® panels with additional structures at various noise spectra, panel type AST® S. 

Structure Sound reduction, db
Rw R'w + C R'w + Ctr
PAROC panel 150 mm
+ gypsum board
PAROC panel 150 mm + gypsum board 32 32 28

PAROC panel 80 mm
+ steel rail + stone wool
+ gypsum board

PAROC panel 80 mm + steel rail + stone wool + gypsum board 49 48 37
PAROC panel 80 mm
+ stone wool
PAROC panel 80 mm + stone wool 36 36 31


Sound absorption

In their standard form, PAROC panels have steel sheet facings. This means the sound absorption is actually a reflecting surface similar to a conventional sheet metal wall. PAROC® acoustic panels have a perforated facing on one side which improves the panel's sound absorption properties.

Practical sound absorption coefficient αp for various PAROC structures.

Practical sound absorption coefficients for PAROC panels

To obtain better sound absorption for non-perforated PAROC panels, apply acoustic stone wool slabs as sound absorbents.