Behind every successful company are its people

Paroc jobsIt is our people who make the machines run, find solutions to technical problems and ensure the quality of our products. They invent, market, sell, manage and make sure customers stay satisfied. Paroc is built on its people.

Paroc provides solutions for heat insulation, acoustic design and fire safety in homes, office buildings, plants and ships. Our solutions are well-known for high quality and sustainability. Behind the success of our products are the Paroc people, our dedicated and innovative employees. They have developed our manufacturing process, production machinery and unique production technology. They focus on constantly improving and developing our products and services even further.

We at Paroc deeply consider every single detail, from manufacturing and research & development to customer service. We feel strongly that our products make our everyday lives safer and more comfortable. Our products really make a difference! We are proud of our work and what we do.

What are our values?

Our products are used in demanding projects. Every single detail of the process, from manufacturing and logistics to installation, is carefully thought through. Our employees are detail-oriented and thorough. But above all, we believe in a strong set of values.

Paroc customers see us as reliable and easy to work with. To maintain that reputation, we share a common set of values.

We at Paroc

  • Put customers first
  • Perform our best
  • Make timely and well-judged decisions
  • Share and communicate our views, ideas and arguments